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In 1948, in Athens, the capital of Greece, young Susanna, grandmother of the present owner of the business, makes her big breakthrough by deciding to take her fate in her own hands. Her family was in a dire financial state and, as she later recounted, having tea and olives for lunch was an extravagance. Olives were intended for supper.

Nevertheless, she picks up the courage to ask her father for financial assistance in purchasing a knitting machine, so as to start her own production of knitted garments. Her father, having no means of his own, asks a favor of a wealthy friend. Upon hearing that this sum was intended for Susanna, the friend offers the money, without hesitation and without really expecting the amount to ever be returned.

On 31 May 1948, Susanna purchases a hand-operated Weber 8-70 knitting machine, then worth 4,872,000 drachmae. The machine was purchased in the name of her benefactor, without his knowledge.

For two whole years she works hard, night and day. On March 12, 1950, having set aside the money she owed, she knocks on her benefactor’s door, pays back the loan and asks him to transfer ownership of the knitting machine to her name. Surprised, he signs the reverse of the initial ownership document.

This document, signed on both sides, is on display in our offices nowadays and is a reminder of our guiding principles: of the ethos, determination and temerity with which we proceed.


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