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Smaragda Navridis, designer of Nisos 1948, bears the heritage of a family tradition in men’s apparel. Her grandfather, a refugee from Asia Minor, established in the 1920s one of the first large enterprises dealing in cashmere fabrics and one of the first to import men’s clothing in Greece. Smaragda was extremely fond of her grandfather and feels that she is following in his footsteps, keeping his story and the family tradition alive.

“It was a great challenge for me to successfully combine the natural dyeing of yarns without chemicals, together with Greek tradition as seen through my own eyes, and perfection in the quality of our garments...”

The Nisos 1948 collection refers to men of earlier, good and authentic times, men whose model was simplicity and its aesthetics. Men who know how to win their personal battles and challenge life while protecting their families. men with courage, loyalty, a positive attitude, even in rough seas; men who make you feel safe and guide you along your way into safe moorings…




NISOS 1948
2 Babmaes str.
SWiY6HD London, UK
T: 0044 203 1953869
E: info@nisos1948.com